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Hey, I'm Karan Nijhawan and am the founder of Fit Opportunity.
Our mandate is simple - make fitness so simple that it is actually achievable.

Karan Nijhawan
Liv-Terese Fit Opportunity Fitness

I missed being an athlete and the confidence that comes with being fit and healthy. After focusing so much time on juggling work, home, marriage, children and charity work, I felt I was loosing myself, that there were never time for Liv anymore.

I wanted to get back to being fit and healthy, and the best choice for me was a workout routine that was quick and efficient. Karan’s training methods are brilliant. He makes you push yourself to the limit, without jeopardizing your form and technique. Karan’s workouts are so varied that I’m always looking forward to the next one.

I believe Karan can get anyone back to a healthier lifestyle – he has a firm gentleness about him but still manages to bring the best out of you. I honestly could complete Karan’s workouts on a daily basis. I feel rejuvenated, happy, exhausted with a smile and excited to feel my muscles pumped with lactic acid again! – Liv-Terese K.